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Find a Great Realtor

Often the most overlooked step when selling a home is the importance of hiring a great real estate agent.  Aren’t all real estate agents the same?  The answer is absolutely not. When selling a home, you should have high expectations of the real estate agent who you hire to sell your home.

Gather Information

Gather information on the major mechanics of the home or any updates that have been done to the home.  A great realtor won’t just place a sign in front of your home and wait for it to sell. They’ll write compelling information about your home to attract potential buyers, but they’ll need all the info they can get.

Get Organized

Create an environment where buyers can envision themselves in the space. Removing personal items and photos keeps potential buyers from getting distracted. Get rid of excess furniture and other items not being used on a daily basis, and organize the closets and kitchen cabinets. Don’t forget the basement, attic, and garage.

Repair and Replace

Paint rooms, doors, and trims, and update house numbers with new lettering. Replace burned out bulbs, old fixtures, outdated appliances, and leaky faucets. Re-caulk and re-grout bathrooms and kitchens, and fix any broken locks, doors, sliders, screens, and drawers to ensure everything opens easily.

When to Sell

It’s important that you choose to sell your home when it’s most convenient for your individual situation. There are several reasons why selling a home during the fall and winter months may actually be a better time to sell than waiting until spring. It’s important that you evaluate all the pro’s and con’s of each selling time frame.

Curb Appeal

Make sure the lawn is mowed, the leaves are raked, and the snow is plowed. Trim the hedges, replace overgrown bushes, and plant flowers to make the home more inviting and appealing from the street. Make the front entry picture perfect with lovely planters, a bench, and even a new mailbox.